Now live in Germany and Spain

K Ring is now live in Germany and Spain, and pre-order customers can now choose their Euro-denominated K Rings. Choose K Ring Black or K Ring White

Introducing instant bank transfer loading

We now support free and instant Direct Bank Transfer loading from over 98% of UK banks – see if your bank’s one of them

Looking for the perfect gift? Physical and digital K Ring gift cards now available...

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Always on hand

K Ring is the world's first contactless payment ring, powered by Mastercard and welcomed at over 40 million retail locations worldwide.

With K Ring, there's no need to handle cash or touch a PIN pad so you can leave your cards and phone safely in your pocket.

K Ring is free to load and free to use, and with the new contactless limit of £45, it's now even easier to safely pay in shops and on public transport – just look out for the contactless payment symbol.

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Always looking good

Engineered from scratch-resistant zirconia ceramic, K Ring is available in a wide range of sizes and colour combinations.
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Always secure

You can’t make accidental payments with K Ring because it must be within 4cm of a contactless reader, with your hand in the correct position.

Powered by Mastercard, K Ring benefits from all of Mastercard’s security features – and for extra peace of mind, you can easily switch it off and on at any time.

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No chargingNo charging

Unlike smartphones and smartwatches, K Ring never needs charging, so you'll always be able to pay

No pairingNo pairing

K Ring works all by itself, so you don't need to pair it with a smartphone to make a payment

Scratch resistantScratch-resistant

Engineered from zirconia ceramic, K Ring’s outer shell is hypoallergenic and almost as scratch-resistant as diamond


K Ring is waterproof and won't be harmed by soap or alcohol-based hand sanitiser – so keep washing those hands!

Nordea is the first bank in the Nordic region to offer K Ring to their customers, linking it directly to their bank accounts. K Rings linked to Nordea accounts are welcomed anywhere that accepts Mastercard contactless payments

Nordea customers:

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ABN AMRO is the first bank to offer their customers the opportunity to link K Ring directly to their bank accounts.

K Rings linked to ABN AMRO accounts are welcomed anywhere that accepts Mastercard contactless payments.

ABN AMRO customers:

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