You have received a contactless payment KeyFob from Banking Circle

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Banking Circle

Banking Circle, the payments bank for the new economy, delivers payments and banking services by connecting to the world’s clearing systems. Banks and Payments businesses gain access to cross border payments, accounts and liquidity management.

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Always welcome

The KeyFob Classic from K Wearables is welcome anywhere that accepts Mastercard contactless payments, which is over 40 million retail locations worldwide – just look out for the contactless payment symbol.

Always secure

Powered by Mastercard, the KeyFob from K Wearables benefits from all of Mastercard’s security features – and for extra peace of mind, you can easily lock it and unlock it in the app.

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Getting Started

Simply link the KeyFob to a K Wearables account and you'll be ready to make contactless payments up to the new £100 limit.


New users

  1. Register here for a FREE K Wearables prepaid Mastercard.
    Users will need to pass ID and verification checks. A K Wearables Account is free to open, load funds and make payments. See our fees & limits table below for details.
  2. Link your KeyFob (using the activation code)
  3. Add funds to your prepaid Mastercard via
    • Bank Transfer - Free
    • Debit Card – Free
    • Auto top-up - Free

Registered users

If you already have a K Wearables prepaid Mastercard, you can simply link your KeyFob

  1. Log in to your K Wearables account
  2. Go to Devices
  3. Click Link New Device


Features and benefits

  • Make contactless payments up to £100 (UK)*
  • Accepted at over 40 million locations worldwide
  • Secure – turn payment wearables on and off
  • Auto top-up facility
  • Link multiple devices to the same account
  • Manage your account easily online, or via app
  • Powered by Mastercard, authorised by the FCA

*POS transactions with devices issued by K Wearables are subject to a maximum amount in line with local contactless transaction limits, therefore this figure may be lower in some countries. For transactions over a certain amount outside the UK, you may be asked to enter a PIN.

Fees and charges

Monthly fee


Transaction fee (UK POS)


Transaction fee (non-UK POS)


Load via bank transfer


Load via credit card


Load via debit card


† We use Mastercard's foreign exchange rate for our currency conversions + a 3% Currency Conversion Fee (Bank Fee).