How do I buy a K Ring?

To buy a K Ring, customers should visit:

When will I receive my K Ring?

Typically, your K Ring will be shipped within 4 days from the day you link the K Ring to your bank issued card. Please note that if you have not linked your bank card, then we cannot ship the ring - please see "Linking K Ring to your bank issued card"

When your K Ring is shipped, you will be notified via email with a tracking link and number.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, we are seeing longer than normal shipping times of being 5-8 days 

When will my size/colour be available?

K Ring is handmade in the UK in batches based on exterior colour, interior colour and ring size, and due to the high level of demand we’re experiencing at the moment, some editions may be showing as “out of stock” on our website. We’re working our hardest to increase production to meet demand, and we estimate that out-of-stock products will be available to purchase within the next 28 days, so please check again soon.

How do I return my K Ring or request a refund?

Please click the pink Help button at the bottom right of the screen to send us a message, including your name, order number and a description of the issue you’re experiencing. We will then respond with further instructions.