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K Ring can draw funds from the K Wearables virtual prepaid Mastercard® or – for customers of our supported banks – it can be linked directly to their bank cards.

It is important that the correct type of K Ring is purchased (i.e. prepaid card or bank card version), or it will not be possible to link it to the required account type.

This section contains information relevant to those wishing to link K Ring directly to their supported bank card.

Supported banks

Customers of the following banks can link K Ring directly to their bank cards. Select your bank below to see how to purchase and manage your K Ring.

Bank customers’ frequently asked questions

When will my size/colour be available? 

K Ring is handmade in the UK in batches based on exterior colour, interior colour and ring size. Due to the high level of demand we’re experiencing at the moment, some editions may be showing as "out of stock" on our website. We’re working our hardest to increase production to meet demand, and we estimate that out-of-stock products will be available to purchase within the next 28 days, so please check again soon. 

What warranty do I have with K Ring?

Your device is warranted by K Wearables Ltd for a period of 2 years from its date of purchase. This warranty covers electronic component, materials and manufacturing defects. Proof of purchase is required to validate your warranty, unless your device was a gift, in which case the original order number will be required. During the warranty period, a device will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible after examination if it proves to be defective under normal everyday use. In the case of replacement, we cannot guarantee that you will receive an identical device; if your device is unavailable, a device of equal value and/or similar style will be provided. Any replacement device will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty. This warranty does not cover:

  • damage resulting from abuse, unauthorised modification, improper handling, lack of care, accidents or normal wear and tear;
  • damage from tampering, disassembly or reverse engineering of the device;
  • indirect or consequential damage resulting from defects in or malfunction of the device.

This warranty is void if the device has been damaged by factors due to anything other than defects in electronic components, materials or manufacture, or if proof of purchase cannot be proven. If your device is within warranty and you believe it suffers from a valid fault or defect, please send us a message using the Help button at the bottom right of the screen.

How do I return my K Ring or request a refund? 

Please click the Help button at the bottom right of the screen to send us a message, including your name, order number and a description of the issue you’re experiencing. We will then respond with further instructions. 

Time period Reason for return Action

Within 14 days of delivery

if you are unsatisfied in any way, change your mind or have ordered the incorrect size or colour (you do not have to state a reason)

we will offer a full refund

Within 30 days of purchase

if your device is faulty

we will offer a full refund or a replacement

Within 6 months of purchase

if your device cannot be repaired or replaced

we will offer a full refund in most cases

Within 6 years of purchase

if your device is faulty

you may be entitled to a partial refund or a replacement

Any other questions?

Please use the Help button at the bottom right of the screen to send us a message.