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Wear your wallet

Carrying a wallet or purse isn’t always practical, so we made K Ring, the world's first contactless payment ring.

Now you can leave your wallets, purses, cash, coins and cards at home and still pay for stuff – anywhere that accepts Mastercard® contactless payments – no PIN, signature, bank account or smartphone required.

For each K Ring sold using the promo code BACKUP15 at our checkout, we’ll donate £15 to Back Up – and you’ll get £15 off, too.

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Back Up

At Back Up, we inspire people affected by spinal cord injury to get the most out of life.

For over 30 years, we’ve helped people and their families to rebuild their independence after a devastating spinal cord injury. Our award-winning, practical services challenge the perceptions of what’s possible and increase your skills and confidence.

Today, we’re at the forefront of helping people adjust positively to spinal cord injury – because our support is provided by people who have been there and can understand what you are going through. At Back Up, we’re here for people in their darkest hours – so they get back up to living life to the full.

For more information – and to make a donation – please visit

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Use code BACKUP15 at checkout to donate £15 and get £15 off*

was £99.99 £84.99

The specs


  • Lightweight technical ceramic shell
  • Almost as scratch-resistant as diamond (8.5 on Mohs’ Scale of Hardness)
  • High-lustre finish


  • Comfort-fit hypoallergenic resin inner band
  • Curved inner profile reduces skin contact, improves airflow and reduces moisture build-up
  • Forms waterproof seal around embedded electronics


K Ring works all by itself, so no need to pair it with your smartphone to make a payment


K Ring draws its power from the contactless payment terminal during a transaction so, unlike smart watches and phones, it’ll never run out of power when you need it most

Gift cards

We'll also donate £15 for each Gift Card (and e-Gift Card, which you can send by email or print out at home) sold using the BACKUP15 code - and give you £15 off.

The best option if you'd like to buy K Ring as a present, our gift cards contain unique codes which allow K Ring to be purchased at zero cost to the lucky recipient.

All the recipient has to do is visit the K Store, choose their ring and enter their unique code at the checkout, which resets the price to £0.00. We then dispatch their ring directly to them. Instructions are included with each K Ring Gift Card, making redemption quick and easy.


Buy a Gift Card Buy an e-Gift Card

Features and benefits

  • Make contactless payments up to £45 (UK) 1
  • Accepted at over 40 million locations worldwide
  • Secure – turn K Ring on and off
  • Auto top-up facility
  • Link multiple K Rings to the same account
  • Manage your account easily online
  • Powered by Mastercard, authorised by the FCA

1 POS transactions with K Ring are subject to a maximum amount in line with local contactless transaction limits, therefore this figure may be lower in some countries. For transactions over a certain amount outside the UK, you may be asked to enter a PIN.

Fees and charges

Purchase price

was £99.99 now £84.99 ‡

Monthly fee


Transaction fee (UK POS)


Transaction fee (non-UK POS) 2


Load via bank transfer


Load via credit card


Load via debit card


2 We use Mastercard's foreign exchange rate for our currency conversions + a 3% Currency Conversion Fee (Bank Fee).

‡ After Promo Code added at checkout

It was so easy!

testimonials_icon_email.pngAndrea, London, email

Getting used to clench fist - touch Oyster reader - open barrier - get on tube

testimonials_icon_twitter.pngSteve, London, Twitter

If I forget to wear my ring, my day gets a lot more inconvenient – especially on the Tube

testimonials_icon_email.pngKaren, London, Email

Used mine in Germany and the guy behind the counter made me show it to his co-workers

testimonials_icon_twitter.pngRaymond, Reading, Twitter

It worked perfectly. You’re not having it back it’s gorgeous!

testimonials_icon_twitter.pngAndrew, Hampshire, Twitter

No more searching the saddle bag at the coffee stop – I just pay with a fist bump!

testimonials_icon_twitter.pngNigel, Hertfordshire, Email

Use code BACKUP15 to donate £15 and get £15 off!*

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*Each K Ring and/or Gift Card purchased from the K Store ( using the BACKUP15 promo code will be discounted by £15. In addition to this customer discount, K Wearables  will donate £15 from each valid sale to Back Up. This promo code cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer. BACKUP15 promo code expires 23:59 on 4th October 2021

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