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Form + function

If smart, sleek and streamlined is how you like to roll, you’ll want to be rocking a K Ring on your next ride.

Available in 14 colour combinations and a wide range of sizes, K Ring is ideal for cyclists who want to keep their jersey pocket light and their options open: with K Ring, you can leave your wallet and phone at home and still make a purchase at any one of the 6 million locations around the world where you see the contactless payments sign.

Ride fast and pay faster with K Ring.

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No more searching the saddle bag at the coffee stop – I just pay with a fist bump!

email.pngNigel, Hertfordshire, Email

Used mine in Germany and the guy behind the counter made me show it to his co-workers

twitter.pngRaymond, Reading, Twitter

It worked perfectly. You’re not having it back it’s gorgeous!

twitter.pngAndrew, Hampshire, Twitter

If I forget to wear my ring, my day gets a lot more inconvenient – especially on the Tube

email.pngKaren, London, Email

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Normal RRP: £99.99

The specs


  • Lightweight technical ceramic shell
  • Almost as scratch-resistant as diamond (8.5 on Mohs’ Scale of Hardness)
  • High-lustre finish


  • Comfort-fit hypoallergenic resin inner band
  • Curved inner profile reduces skin contact, improves airflow and reduces moisture build-up
  • Forms waterproof seal around embedded electronics


K Ring works all by itself, so no need to pair it with your smartphone to make a payment


K Ring draws its power from the contactless payment terminal during a transaction so, unlike smart watches and phones, it’ll never run out of power when you need it most

Features and benefits

  • Make contactless payments up to £45 (UK)*
  • Accepted at over 40 million locations worldwide
  • Secure – turn K Ring on and off
  • Auto top-up facility
  • Link multiple K Rings to the same account
  • Manage your account easily online
  • Powered by Mastercard, authorised by the FCA

*POS transactions with K Ring are subject to a maximum amount in line with local contactless transaction limits, therefore this figure may be lower in some countries. For transactions over a certain amount outside the UK, you may be asked to enter a PIN.

Fees and charges

Purchase price

was £99.99 now £79.99 ‡

Monthly fee


Transaction fee (UK POS)


Transaction fee (non-UK POS)


Load via bank transfer


Load via credit card


Load via debit card


† We use Mastercard's foreign exchange rate for our currency conversions + a 3% Currency Conversion Fee (Bank Fee).

‡ After Promo Code added at checkout