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Stay informed with free SMS alerts

With K Ring, you can keep up to date with alerts sent to your mobile, displaying your balance and confirming when funds are loaded to your account.

Free to load, free to use

We don't charge you to load your K Ring via debit card or bank transfer – and we don't charge you when you use it to pay, either

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Run fast and pay faster with K Ring.

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The specs


  • Lightweight technical ceramic shell
  • Almost as scratch-resistant as diamond (8.5 on Mohs’ Scale of Hardness)
  • High-lustre finish


  • Comfort-fit hypoallergenic resin inner band
  • Curved inner profile reduces skin contact, improves airflow and reduces moisture build-up
  • Forms waterproof seal around embedded electronics


K Ring works all by itself, so no need to pair it with your smartphone to make a payment


K Ring draws its power from the contactless payment terminal during a transaction so, unlike smart watches and phones, it’ll never run out of power when you need it most

Form + function

If smart, sleek and streamlined is how you like to roll, you’ll want to be rocking a K Ring on your next run.

Available in 14 colour combinations and a wide range of sizes, K Ring is ideal for runners who want to keep their running kit light and their options open: with K Ring, you can leave your wallet and phone at home and still make a purchase at any one of the 40 million locations around the world where you see the contactless payments sign.

Run fast and pay faster with K Ring.

20% OFF with promo code RUN20

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Get 20% OFF K Ring with code: RUN20

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A day with K Ring by K Wearables

No more searching the saddle bag at the coffee stop – I just pay with a fist bump!

email.pngNigel, Hertfordshire, Email

Used mine in Germany and the guy behind the counter made me show it to his co-workers

twitter.pngRaymond, Reading, Twitter

It worked perfectly. You’re not having it back it’s gorgeous!

twitter.pngAndrew, Hampshire, Twitter

If I forget to wear my ring, my day gets a lot more inconvenient – especially on the Tube

email.pngKaren, London, Email