Spain launch offer: SAVE 25% with code SENT25

No chargingNo charging

Unlike smartphones and smartwatches, K Ring never needs charging, so you'll always be able to pay

No pairingNo pairing

K Ring works all by itself, so you don't need to pair it with a smartphone to make a payment

Scratch resistantScratch-resistant

Engineered from zirconia ceramic, K Ring’s outer shell is hypoallergenic and almost as scratch-resistant as diamond


K Ring is waterproof and won't be harmed by soap or alcohol-based hand sanitiser – so keep washing those hands!

Features and benefits

  • Make contactless payments up to €50*
  • Accepted at over 40 million locations worldwide
  • Secure – turn K Ring on and off
  • Auto top-up facility
  • Link multiple K Rings to the same account
  • Manage your account easily online
  • Powered by Mastercard

*Once K Ring has been activated and linked to the K Wearables virtual prepaid Mastercard; customers must meet age, residency and identification checks when applying for the virtual prepaid Mastercard account. Point-of-sale transactions with K Ring are subject to a maximum amount in line with local contactless transaction limits, therefore this figure may be lower in some countries. For transactions over a certain amount outside Spain, you may be asked to enter a PIN.

Fees and charges

Purchase price

Normal price €99.99
now €74.99 ‡

Monthly fee


Transaction fee (in Spain)


Transaction fee (outside Spain)


Load via bank transfer


Load via credit card (Mastercard/Visa)


Load via debit card (Mastercard/Visa)


† We use Mastercard's foreign exchange rate for our currency conversions + a 3% Currency Conversion Fee (Bank Fee).

‡ After Promo Code added at checkout. Prices will display in Euros when you select “Spain” as your delivery address.

It was so easy!

testimonials_icon_email.pngAndrea, London, email

Getting used to clench fist - touch Oyster reader - open barrier - get on tube

testimonials_icon_twitter.pngSteve, London, Twitter

If I forget to wear my ring, my day gets a lot more inconvenient – especially on the Tube

testimonials_icon_email.pngKaren, London, Email

Used mine in Germany and the guy behind the counter made me show it to his co-workers

testimonials_icon_twitter.pngRaymond, Reading, Twitter

It worked perfectly. You’re not having it back it’s gorgeous!

testimonials_icon_twitter.pngAndrew, Hampshire, Twitter

No more searching the saddle bag at the coffee stop – I just pay with a fist bump!

testimonials_icon_twitter.pngNigel, Hertfordshire, Email

Free to load, free to use

K Ring draws funds from a virtual prepaid Mastercard with Auto top-up capability, so you need never run out of funds. We don't charge you to load your K Ring via debit card or bank transfer – and we don't charge you when you use it to pay, either. Use code SENT25 and save 25%.

Now available in Spain

K Ring is now available for purchase in Spain, where it can be used to make purchases anywhere displaying the contactless payment symbol. Powered by Mastercard, K Ring ensures you’ll always have money on hand. Use code SENT25 and save 25%.

Spain launch offer: SAVE 25% with code SENT25