The best way to determine your K Ring size is by visiting your local jeweller, before converting the measurement into its UK size equivalent. We understand that this may not be possible, so the next best thing is to use our ring sizer.

Before you start

It’s important to measure your finger near the end of the day, and when your fingers are warm (and therefore slightly larger). If you intend to regularly wear K Ring when performing any type of exercise, this precaution is even more important.

It’s also worth noting that the fingers on your dominant hand are generally slightly larger than on the other, so please make sure you measure the finger on the correct hand.

Using the ring sizer

To use the ring sizer, push your favourite finger through the holes in the ring sizer until you find one that just about slides over your largest knuckle.

It’s important that K Ring can slide over your knuckle but it shouldn’t slide over it too easily or it may slip off your finger unexpectedly – especially if your fingers get cooler.

Repeat the measuring process a few times. When you’re happy that you get a repeatable result, make a note of the letter indicated – that’s your K Ring size.

What next?

Now you know your ring size you can choose your K Ring. Please select your store to continue: