Where can you use Kerv?

Kerv can be used to make a payment anywhere in the world that accepts standard contactless credit, debit and prepaid card payments. This includes stores, restaurants, bars, cafes, cinemas, taxis and some public transport networks – just look out for the contactless payments symbol.


How do I activate my Kerv ring?

  1. Sign up your email and password 
  2. At the Welcome screen, click Get Kerv and complete the registration form
  3. On succesful registration, you will be emailed an activation code.
    Activate your Kerv prepaid account from the Welcome screen
  4. Click "Link Device" at the bottom of the Devices Page (use the 9 digit code from your ring box)
  5. Click "Activate" next to the ring, and re-enter the 9 digit code
  6. You're all done! 

After successful activation, we will add A$ 30 to your account, courtesy of Mastercard


How to make a payment with my Kerv ring?

To make a payment with your Kerv ring, just make our Transmission Ready Position gesture over the contactless card reader.

You will hear a beep and see a green light to signify a successful transaction. You don’t need to enter a PIN.


How do I add funds to my Kerv ring ?

Loading your ring is completed via a bank transfer. Transfer funds via your usual banking platform using the IBAN number and unique reference number provided on the website.

  1. Log in
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Click on Load Methods

To ensure your funds are loaded onto your Kerv Virtual Mastercard it is vital you use the reference number provided on screen, otherwise your funds may not be allocated to your personal Kerv Virtual Mastercard.


What should i do if my Kerv ring becomes Lost or Stolen?

If your ring is lost or stolen you should deactivate the device by following the guide below and contact us either via the lost or stolen helpline +61 2 8294 5210 or by emailing


How do I deactivate my ring ?

  1. Log in
  2. Click on Menu then Devices
  3. Scroll down to Kerv Wearable then select Off 
    This ensures that the ring will no longer be authorised to make transactions.

    Note: You can re-enable your ring at anu time - just by selecting On next to your device