You MUST link your ABN AMRO card to your K Ring, before we can despatch the ring.

You can complete this process, either:

  1. At the time of purchase
    If you bought the K Ring yourself, or redeemed a voucher
  2. At a later date
    If you were unable to complete the process of linking your ABN AMRO card at the time of purchase, for any reason - you can do so at a later date.

A: Link your ABN AMRO card at time of purchase

When you complete a purchase of an ABN AMRO ring, you will see a confirmation screen. Click the button: VIEW MY ORDERS

KRing - thank you for your order

You will be asked to log into (unless you were already logged into when making the purchase)

If you haven’t previously logged into, you will be sent a “Set Your Password” email. Click the link in the email to set your own password to log in and proceed from option B below

B: Link your ABN AMRO card at a later date

  1. Log into using the email address used for the purchase

    Login to

    If you don’t know your password (if you’ve forgotten it, or haven’t previously logged in), then click the link “Having trouble logging in?” below the Log In screen, to be sent an email to allow you to change your password.
  2. At the Welcome screen, click on My Orders

    My Orders
  3. On the My Orders screen, you will see the devices purchased on
    Click the button, Link Card next to the ring you wish to add your ABN AMRO card details to.

    My Orders

    If an order shows Personalised in the Action column (instead of LINK CARD), then you have already completed the process of Linking your Card and there is no further action required.

    If there is no button in the Action column, check the product SKU. It should start MDS- but if it starts PPM, you have ordered a ring with a prepaid Mastercard, which cannot be linked to your ABN AMRO card - please contact us, to change this.
  4. Progress through the process of entering your card details - some information such as email and address will be pre-populated, but you can change these.

    Link your bank card

    You will need your ABN AMRO card PAN number - if you do not have this, select ABN AMRO and click the link to take you to the ABN AMRO website to get the PAN for your card.
    Select your bank to find the PAN

    At the end of the process, you can return to My Orders and will see that the status has changed to Personalised.

    When you have successfully linked your ABN AMRO card we will despatch your K Ring to you.

    My Orders

    Remember, you will need to activate your K Ring once it arrives.

NOTE: we do not store your card details on

Having difficulties?

If you need more help, have a look at our Quick links for ABN AMRO customers.