Not to be confused with the Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® account (or your bank account!), a K Account is the secure area on our website which allows you to manage your K Ring and preferences, and also allows us to communicate with you; the K Account does not store funds.

Every K Ring customer needs to sign up for a K Account before either:

  1. Registering for the Virtual Prepaid Mastercard account (which stores the funds linked to your ring); or
  2. Linking your K Ring directly to your bank account (currently only available to ABN AMRO customers)

It’s not necessary to sign up for a K Account before purchasing a K Ring, but it will be necessary to do so before you try to use your K Ring.

To sign up for your K Account, visit the sign-up page of the website where you’ll need to provide your email address and create a password to begin.

Please note that your password:

  • Should be at least 8 characters long (the longer the better)
  • Must include a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters
  • Must include a special character, such as @, # or !

Having difficulties?

If you need more help, please use the Help button at the bottom of the screen to get in touch.