We do not charge a fee to load via Manual Bank Transfer, but please bear in mind that if you transfer funds from a non-UK bank, your bank may charge you a fee. Please check your bank's fees and terms before you make a transfer.

  1. Log in to your K Account
  2. Select Load Methods
  3. Select Manual Bank Transfer to view our account details
  4. Visit your bank branch or use your bank account's online facility to transfer funds to us; please note that you MUST include your 9-digit account number to direct funds to your Virtual Prepaid Mastercard (click the arrow icon at the top of the Load Methods page to reveal your K Wearables account number)

Please note that your funds can take up to 24 hours before they’re available for use with your K Ring.

Alternatively, you can load via Direct Bank Transfer or find out how to load via debit or credit card.

Having difficulties?

If you need more help, please use the Help button at the bottom of the screen to get in touch.