There are three SMS alerts which you can switch on and off; when you sign up for your K Account, they will all be set to ON by default.

How to view your alert settings

  1. Log in to your K Account
  2. Open the main menu and select Settings
  3. View Your Contact Details

    Balance Alert

    Sent weekly at 7am, this alert displays the balance of your account at the time of sending

    Load Alert

    Sent when funds are manually added to your account (via debit / credit card, when a bank transfer is applied or when an adjustment is made by Customer Services

    Auto Top-up Alert

    Sent when funds are added to your account via the Auto Top-up feature (if you have it enabled on your account)

How to update your alert options

  1. From the settings screen, click Edit your contact details
  2. Use the On | Off switches to set your preferences
  3. Click Save Changes to apply your changes

Having difficulties?

If you need more help, please use the Help button at the bottom of the screen to get in touch.