You can make a payment up to £100* anywhere that allows Mastercard® contactless transactions.

To make a transaction with K Ring, make the Transmission Ready gesture (by closing your hand into a fist) directly over the contactless card reader. 

Make the Transmission Ready gesture (by closing your hand into a fist) directly over the contactless card reader.

Make sure K Ring is within 4cm of the face of the terminal, and positioned over the top of the reader – typically this is indicated by the contactless symbol (though this varies on different readers)

Contactless acceptance symbol

Move your hand closer to the terminal and hold it until your transaction is triggered. You will see a green light, followed by a beep, to signify a successful transaction. You don’t need to enter a PIN in the UK (elsewhere you may be required to enter a PIN, especially for higher-value transactions).

* Contactless limits vary by country. £100 is the current maximum contactless transaction permitted in the UK


Please note that you must regularly authenticate your identity when making contactless payments – including when using K Ring.

You must authenticate your identity when either:

  1. You make a series of consecutive transactions up to a value of £135 / €150, or
  2. You make 5 consecutive transactions – of any value

We want to minimise disruption as much as possible when you’re using your K Ring, so when either of these two conditions is met you simply need to log in to your account to complete your authentication.

If you haven’t authenticated your identity after being prompted to, payments with K Ring will be declined.

Find out more about authentication and how it affects your use of K Ring.

Having difficulties?

  • Have you activated your K Ring and linked it to an account (either the K Wearables Virtual Prepaid Mastercard, or directly to your bank account)?
  • Is your K Ring set to authorise transactions (it must be set to "ON" in Devices)?
  • Are there sufficient funds in your account?
  • Are you using your K Ring in the way outlined above?
  • Have you authenticated your identity?

If you need more help, please use the Help button at the bottom of the screen to get in touch.