In line with payment industry regulations[1], the way we verify your identity is changing. We’ve implemented Strong Customer Authentication, which is designed to reduce the risk of someone pretending to be you to steal your money.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) relates to a number of additional security features, including:

SCA on contactless payments

With SCA, we must authenticate your identity when either:

  1. You make a series of consecutive transactions up to a value of £135 / €150, or
  2. You make 5 consecutive transactions – of any value

We want to minimise disruption as much as possible when you’re using your K Ring, so when either of these two conditions is met you simply need to log in to your account to complete your authentication. Logging into your account lets us know that it’s you using your K Ring, and resets the authentication counter.

You can log in to reset your counter at any time – you don’t have to wait until you are prompted.

We’ll send an alert to your phone[2] when you have two transactions left – and when you have one remaining – before you have to authenticate your identity.

If you reach – or exceed – £90 of transactions since your last authentication, we’ll also alert you to this, asking you to log into your account for authentication again.

You can also be alerted whenever you make a transaction with K Ring, showing its value, location, available balance and which ring you used.

You’ll be able to control which authentication alerts you receive in your account Settings, which makes it easy to avoid having your K Ring declined for not having authenticated your identity.

Similarly, you will also be alerted if your K Ring is declined; this message will provide details, including (when possible) the reason.

SCA on account login

To help secure your account, we now ask you to verify your identity using a second method when logging in to our website. We will send an access code to either the mobile phone number or email address registered on your account. You should receive this code immediately but please note that speed of delivery can be impacted by third parties, such as your email provider or mobile network operator.

If you select “Remember me on this device” you will not be prompted for a new access code for 90 days. For your security, please only select this option if your device is private and not shared with anyone.

SCA on topping up your account with a card

You are now required to validate your payment card before being able to use it to load more than £50 or switch on Auto top-up. The validation process helps to ensure that your card belongs to you and is not being used fraudulently by a third party.

Find out how to validate your payment card.


1. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a part of new requirements to reduce the risk of fraud within The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). PSD2 is a set of laws and regulations for payment services in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) and is also enforced in the UK. It impacts all card issuers and any online business accepting card payments.

2. Alerts delivered via SMS or via the K Ring app, available for iOS and Android from June 2021