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We were thrilled at Kerv HQ to see that we were recognised by Barclaycard Chief Executive Amer Sajed with Kerv being cited as one of the future payment devices to replace the plastic card.

In the BBC article Mr Sajed talks about the demise of the physical plastic credit card, which Barclays introduced to the UK 50 years ago. The article reports on where the payments industry is heading and what Mr Sajed thinks making a purchase will look like in 10 years time.

Our Kerv ring appears in a lineup of wearable payment devices and Kerv being the only payment ring which Mr Sajed is quoted saying “A ring - I don’t know about this being a fashion statement - but think about it. Making a payment with a ring as well’

Well, Mr Sajed, we’re confident enough to confirm that a Kerv ring IS a fashion statement. And it’s very good at making convenient payments too!

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04 Dec 2016