K Wearables online store is temporarily closed for a refurb

As our online store is temporarily closed for updates, and some of you have been asking for details, we thought we’d share more on this.

The most notable update is our recent name change which has a considerable impact to flow through the entire business - from the website, through to all our back-end systems and an array of offline elements.

We’re not the first financial services business to have to rebrand, but we don’t share their deep VC filled pockets. Being largely self-funded (which brings its own benefits - but that’s a separate story for another time) and as such our resources are rather more modest, which means we have to prioritise where we focus our efforts.

Evaluating the tasks for the re-brand also provided the opportunity to review aspects of our operations that we wanted to improve upon both to accommodate new product developments and to take into account feedback from our consumers and the experiences gained from being operationally live for over a year.

Product Development

Selected customers in the Netherlands have been involved with our trial with Dutch Bank, ABN Amro, which has seen us deliver additional wearable payment devices, as well as removing the requirement to issue a prepaid account and instead linking a device to the users bank account via their bank issued card.

The addition of these exciting new product developments require a change to the user experience, and specifically the store, given the additional steps involved in issuing a device - more of that to come later.

Payment Methods

We have recently been experiencing issues in accepting payment via PayPal and, while we do have a workaround, it requires manual reconciliation which is not conducive to scaling our business.

Removing PayPal as a payment method is not an option given it’s popularity among our customers. Here at K Wearables, we’re big fans of PayPal, not least for the consumer protection it offers so we’re doing our best to resolve these issues as fast as we can.

Stock control and automation

As the business has grown, we recognise the importance of being able to automate more elements of the business to deal with increased volume. To date, we have sometimes fallen short of the targets that customers expect, and as such we’re implementing new technology to support real time stock control, that can support not only our website, but other new channels that will shortly be coming on stream, plus other automated tasks.

So in summary, we’re sorry that our store is temporarily closed (we like to think of it as more of a refurb) ….but rest assured we’ll be back soon. Enter your details in the form here, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s back up and running. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for your “Big Thank You For Being So Patient” 25% discount code!


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18 Jul 2018