I write just as the news that Typhoon Hagibis has caused the cancellation of various games at the Rugby World Cup, including England v France. Thankfully, both of those teams had already qualified for the Quarter Finals – and there is an argument that France now coming second in the group works to their advantage, as they now avoid a possible confrontation with New Zealand in the Semi Finals. Scotland may not be so lucky though – if their game against Japan is cancelled, they go out and Japan go through. Japan is the host nation – a conspiracy theorist’s dream!

Still, Typhoon Hagibis aside, the competition has been building nicely, and within a few days we’ll know the Quarter final line ups (with or without Scotland). The knock-out stages tend to be when the “real” tournament begins. No more one-sided thrashings. Every team capable of beating every other team. Every team capable of winning the overall competition. Closely fought, compelling drama – I can hardly wait!

Which brings me to the point of asking, where’s the best place to watch these games? The obvious answer, of course, is Japan, but let’s assume for a minute that (like me) you’re not lucky enough to be over there – where should you watch?

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Well, you can always watch at home. The games are early in the morning UK time, so you can stumble downstairs in your dressing gown, make yourself a cup of tea, and settle down in front of the TV. It has its advantages, I suppose, but not many. Chief amongst them would be an extra few minutes in bed.

But if you really want to enjoy the games, surely it’s best to go somewhere with atmosphere, and where better than a pub or a rugby club, many of which will be showing the games live –and you’ll be able to watch in the company of numerous other rugby fans. I remember watching the 2003 Final – culminating in Jonny’s famous drop goal – at a party with friends (including, happily, some Australians). I can still remember how great the atmosphere was.

So, you’ve made it to the bar – you’ve attracted the attention of the bar staff – you’ve got your drinks – now wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of fishing around in your wallet or purse for cash or a card, you could make the payment quickly and easily by positioning a ring you’re wearing next to the card machine? Well, the good news is, you can – using a K Ring.

The technology behind the K Ring is superb, while the ease of use and practicality is outstanding. It’s also completely secure. When you first get your ring, there’s a small amount of setting up to do – and the web site guides you through what you need to do in a clear step-by-step process – and then you’re off! You’re presented with a card machine, you position the ring close to it (just as you would with a card) … and that’s it. It really is as simple as that! Surely the most convenient way to pay for anything?

It’s also worth pointing out that an increasing number of club bars no longer take cash at all. Leicester Tigers – the best supported and historically the most successful rugby club in England, with regular attendances of over 20,000 – have just announced that they’re going entirely cashless for the forthcoming season. This follows in the footsteps of many football clubs who’ve done the same – Nottingham Forest, Birmingham City, Sheffield United, Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur – while many bars at Twickenham haven’t accepted cash for a while now.

So the K Ring really is the perfect companion to take out with you – you wear it just like a normal ring, and you have a payment mechanism that is the ultimate in convenience. And all that you need to do is enjoy the rugby!

Author: Symon Vegro

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11 Oct 2019