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Yesterday, we received a comment on our Kickstarter page about whether the Kerv ring really offered anything different than what you can get with an iPhone and Apple Pay?

It’s a fair point as Dino states:
“1. You can pay for things via Apple Pay - same as Kerv
2. You can use Apple Pay on London Transport - same as Kerv
3. You can share "business card" info on an iPhone - same as Kerv
Realistically, I'm not gonna leave my iPhone at home, when I'm out and about”

It’s about choice
There are lots of examples or products that do the same thing - be that Audi and Ford, Waitrose and Lidl, Vodafone and O2

Simply because one company develops a product or service, doesn’t prevent others from developing in the same category - they put their own mark on the product, and the consumer decides.

Not everyone is an Apple junkie
Apple does a lot of things very well - including developing and nurturing a loyal customer base. There are plenty of iOS fans that will happily queue for 72 hours in all weathers outside an Apple store with the sole purpose of spending rather more than they can probably afford, just to buy the latest Apple product.

But there are plenty of other people in the world also that are either not Apple fans, or those that are not on an iPhone 6, 6s (or Apple Watch). So Kerv is for them.

Mobile operating systems January 2015

Significantly more smartphone users cannot use Apple Pay compared to those that can - even from the ~23% above, only part (approx 8% in Jan 2015) have iPhone 6,6s.


I realise that there are alternative mobile payment solutions (i.e. Samsung Pay), but the same holds true - not everyone has the latest device capable of supporting them.

Beauty in simplicity
In today’s world, we’ve become accustomed that “improvement” is synonymous with advancing technology - which for the user invariably means greater complexity.

While often impressive, few of us ever truly utilise all this technology because we either don’t understand it, or because we feel we don’t really have a need for it.

Although the numbers trying Apple Pay on London's TFL network is growing, there is no significant repeat usage (more than 5x) which points to the user experience - it is fundamentally slower to get out your iPhone and be ready to make a payment / tap through a gate, than it is to use a card.

With developing Kerv, we put the user at the centre of our thinking. The result is an easy, simple experience for the user.

So even if you don’t forget your phone, have plenty of battery life, and there’s no crowds to bump expensive tech out of your hand ...then with Kerv, you can still buy your coffee while reading that important email, not interrupting your call, or having to stop playing Candy Crush!


Phil Campbell

*source: Softpedia.com, Statcounter

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11 Oct 2015

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