Most of us have been there: the nights draw in, Christmas approaches, the year winds down, and we find ourselves drinking considerably more than usual … again.

After-work get-togethers. Meet-ups with old friends. Boozy office parties. Christmas is a time of excess that leaves us with the nagging feeling that we “must do something about it” – and what better way to feel better than to stay off alcohol for a whole month?

Aside from the health benefits, Dry January gives us a sense of determination – it’s a tough goal, no doubt, but that’s good, for in doing it we’re proving to ourselves that we can in fact achieve great things! Dry January this month, next up – run a marathon, write that novel, swim the Channel … basically, bring it on!

Well, here we are in mid January, and it’s a good time to take stock. First up – how are you doing? Are any of the following benefits kicking in yet?

  • An improvement in general health?
  • Sleeping better?
  • Immune system in better shape?
  • Lost some weight?
  • Re-evaluating your relationship with alcohol?
  • Healthier bank balance?

Are you feeling brilliant about Dry January? Or are you counting down the days until the end of the month, looking yearningly at the beers in the fridge and the wine bottles you haven’t hidden away successfully enough?

If you’re struggling, we suggest switching it up a bit, moving away from the old standard of a Diet Coke or an OJ and trying something a little more adventurous…

The Square Root Bar at the new Seven Dials Market – one of London’s many new alcohol-free bars

How about a Virgin Mary: tomato juice with Tabasco, lemon, fresh horseradish and a dash of Worcester sauce?

Or a mulled apple juice: just substitute the apple juice for the wine and add a cinnamon stick, 2 star anise, 2 cloves, an orange, a lemon, and some brown sugar?

Maybe a healthy smoothie: 2 apples, ½ cucumber, a segment of lime, 40g spinach and 50g pineapple?

And who could resist a “Sunday Morning” mocktail: orange juice, mango puree, mineral water, lemon juice, agave syrup, pineapple chunks and frozen raspberries? Mmm-mm.

We also feel compelled to add – at the risk of sounding too much like nutritionists (which we’re most definitely not!) – that the experts tell us that almost the entire population (apart from elite athletes and, indeed, nutritionists) is almost permanently dehydrated. So we should all drink much more of that good old fashioned WATER!

These days, there’s an increasingly wide variety of soft and non-alcoholic drinks you can buy in the pub (with your K Ring, naturally) – including a host of excellent 0% beers. And entirely alcohol-free bars are now beginning to appear, so no need to argue over who’s going to be the designated driver for the evening! Follow us on our social channels (we’re @kwearables by the way – links below 👇) for some ideas about new drinks or bars to try during Dry January.

However you’re getting on with Dry January – including not at all – we’d like to hear from you. And make sure you tell us your favourite non-alcoholic drinks or bars, and we’ll share your tips on our social channels.

So, with just under two weeks to go, wear your K Ring to the pub, order a non-alcoholic drink … and enjoy taking that first step towards running that marathon, writing that novel, or swimming the Channel!

Good luck – and hang in there!


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17 Jan 2020