Auto top-up your Kerv account

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our Auto top-up feature - which means you’ll never have to worry about running out of funds on your Kerv Ring.

If your funds fall below a preset threshold, Auto top-up will automatically add funds of a specified amount to your Kerv Account.

Accessible from the main menu when logged in to your Kerv Account, you can set the Auto top-up “trigger” threshold from anywhere between £30 and £200 using a simple slider - or you can type in the amount yourself.

A second slider lets you select how much you want to automatically load - any amount between £30 and £250.

You can also select which payment card you want to draw your funds from, or add a new one if required.

You can switch Auto top-up on and off and change your preferences at any time.

Once you’ve set your preferences, Auto top-up gives you full control of your Kerv Account without having to log in, which means you’ll always be able to use your Kerv Ring at any one of the 6m+ retail locations around the world that accepts contactless payments.

Please note that Auto top-up takes place at 06:00 GMT each day, not at the precise time your funds fall below your trigger threshold.

Find out how to set up your Auto top-up preferences

Log in to your Kerv Account now to switch on and set up Auto top-up.

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05 Sep 2017

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