Image: Heather Burns

Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire, 24th August 2017, and Jamie Hill is now sporting the world’s first contactless payment wedding ring. It’s a Black Ocean edition (for the record), deep shiny black on the outside, glossy rich teal on the inside. And he’s a very happy man. But probably not because he’s wearing the first truly functional wedding ring ever. That’s going to be way down the list today.

The happy couple: Jasmine and Jamie. And Kerv Ring. (Image: Heather Burns)

So how did this happen? What drives a man to fly in the face of thousands of years of tradition, and desire a wedding ring that does more than symbolise eternal love and fidelity? Two words:

Jason Bradbury.

Yes, the Jason Bradbury. Techy speccy face himself – the one off the telly. Reviews gadgets. Invents crazy stuff. Writes books. You know the one? Good.

Two words: Jason Bradbury. Two more words: Kerv Ring.

Well, Jason Bradbury strode into Lincoln’s Costa Coffee back in April, with a thirst upon him. And guess who takes his order? You got it – Jamie. And how does JB pay for his order? Yep – Kerv Ring. Boom. There’s the moment, right there. “I knew I wanted it to be my wedding ring straight away,” said Jamie. “It is such a good piece of technology – my wedding ring can pay for things!”

Jamie added: “Giving everyone the opportunity to load the wedding money onto my ring, instead of leaving it in cards on the table – there hasn't been anyone that I've told about my Kerv Ring that wasn’t amazed by it. Everyone should have one. So much easier than carrying around my wallet. As someone who loves technology, it was great for me that my wedding ring does more than just show I'm married … it's a nifty little gadget as well.”

Thank you, Jamie, for your kind words about Kerv Ring (and for sharing the wedding pics!). And congratulations to you and Jasmine … may you have a long and happy life together.

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13 Oct 2017