Hi everyone,

Well, here we are 1 week into our Kickstarter campaign - i’m delighted to see that we have reached over 1,000 backers and 60% of our target.

So what has the week held in terms of a few facts & figures:

  • 100+ comments - which i have attempted to answer personally
  • 250+ direct messages: which i have endeavoured to reply to
  • 1,016 backers
  • £46.5k pledged
  • Interviews with BBC, Bloomberg, City AM, NFC World, Telegraph, FinExtra
  • Commercial enquires from MasterCard, Visa, several european banks, and smart card technology partners
  • 4 offers of VC funding and multiple offers of private investment

But the most interesting feedback has been those that have engaged with us on Kickstarter - suggestions about sizing, load methods, fees, auto top-up and many more.

I thought we’d considered most things, but am happy to admit that some of the ideas surprised me. This entirely encapsulates our approach to the product and why we chose to launch on Kickstarter first - to put the user at the heart of the product.

Thank you all for your support in our 1st week. We have 3 more weeks till the end of our KS campaign - please continue to support us, by backing, sharing and generally talking to us. We are keen to bring the Kerv ring to market and reciprocate your faith in us.

All the best


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02 Oct 2015

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