Two words that fill some people with dread: Christmas Shopping. Not because of the joy of giving – there’s no doubt that for most people giving Christmas presents, and seeing the pleasure as they’re opened, is at least as enjoyable as receiving them – but because of the necessity of buying them in the first place.

The super-organised amongst us will of course have very few challenges; they’ll be buying presents all year as they spot gifts that they know certain people will like, and everything will be wrapped up and ready to go by the middle of November. These are the sort of admirable people that also have their Christmas cards written by the beginning of December, all ready to post. There are no available statistics revealing just how many people fall into this category, but it’s safe to say that they’re in a minority. Most of us only start thinking about Christmas in November, with an increasing sense of panic as the weeks progress. Buying the perfect present – the kind that the recipient doesn’t already have, wouldn’t have thought of getting for themselves, and genuinely loves – is to a significant degree incompatible with serious time pressure. 

Of course, there’s always the online option, which is now a fundamental (if not altogether satisfactory) component of the Christmas Shopping process. Scanning the web for ideas, and ordering them en masse, certainly helps … but somehow it doesn’t feel the same, or generate the same level of creativity, as mooching around the High Street (always assuming you can find a parking space).

So there we are – delighted to have found what we’re looking for – and we join the queue for the till. What we don’t want are delays and hassles when we finally get to the front, which is where K Ring really comes into its own. The card reader is presented, you hold the ring to it, and ‘Hey Presto’ the transaction is complete with the minimum of fuss. If only everyone in the queue in front of you had a K Ring, too…

To make a transaction with K Ring, make the Transmission Ready gesture (by closing your hand into a fist) directly over the contactless card reader.

To help you get into the Christmas spirit (and make your shopping experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible) we’re offering 20% OFF K Ring  – Just enter XMAS19 when you check out in the K Store.

And you can spread the love too, with 20% off Gift Cards, which come with a free ring sizer.

Happy Christmas (shopping)!

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Don't forget: Last order date for UK Christmas shipping is Sunday 22nd December.
E-Gift Cards available after this date.

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16 Dec 2019