In good company: K Ring on display at the Bank of England Museum

We’re proud to have K Ring featured in the Bank of England Museum’s latest collection: 325 Years, 325 Objects.

The exhibition celebrates the Bank of England’s 325th anniversary through 325 objects, from Roman relics to a nuclear fall-out calculator from the Cold War. The objects explore how money and the way we pay for things has transformed since the Bank of England was established in 1694, and we’re honoured to have the world’s first contactless payment ring included in such an iconic collection.

We highly recommend a visit, because there are plenty of highlights (beyond K Ring, of course) which shouldn’t be missed … our favourites being the £1,000,000 note and the opportunity to lift a solid gold bar.

Spot the K Ring - possibly the smallest exhibit in the collection

With this, it feels like things have come full circle for K Wearables founder, Phil Campbell, saying:

“Great to be featured as part of the Bank of England celebrations. I had the benefit of working for BOE Printing Works some years back in my pre-payments days. Couldn't have predicted my work role would mirror the change from cash to cashless.”

325 Years, 325 Objects is now on at the Bank of England Museum, running until 15th June 2020.

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25 Jul 2019