K Ring Black

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Sleek, smart and understated with
seven interior colour options


K Ring White

was €99.99 €74.99

Futuristic, fun and distinctive with
seven interior colour options


Gift Card

was €99.99 €74.99

Our wearable payments devices are the ideal gifts for friends and family


Easy to use

Carrying a wallet or purse isn’t always practical, so we made K Ring, the world's first contactless payment ring.

Now you can leave your wallets, purses, cash, coins, smartphones and cards at home and still pay for stuff with a tap, anywhere that accepts Bancontact and Maestro® contactless payments. Just look out for the contactless payments symbol.

You can’t make accidental payments with K Ring because it must be within 4 cm of a contactless reader, with your hand in the correct position.

Tap to pay

No charging

No pairing



Easy to set-up

If you have a KBC, KBC Brussels or CBC Debit Card, you can link it to a K Ring. It’s easy to do so. Simply pick your ring and pay for it, then enter your name and your debit card’s number and expiry date.

Once you’ve linked your debit card, K Wearables will deliver your K Ring to the address you provided with your order. All you need to do then is activate your K Ring using KBC/KBC Brussels/CBC Mobile.

Not a KBC, KBC Brussels, CBC customer, but still want K Ring? Shop now

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